Courting Disaster (Angie Amalfi, Book 12)

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Following the Frontier with F. Jay Haynes, pioneer photographer of the old West. Forty Miles a Day on Beans and Hay.

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Frontier woman : b the life of a woman homesteader on the Dakota frontier : retold from the original notes and letters of Grace Fairchild, a Wisconsin teacher, who went to South Dakota in Gangs and Gangsters. Good night, sweet prince: The life and times of John Barrymore.

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American Mafia A history of the rise to power of the Mafia in America. The Majority Rules Judge Tim Quinn finds himself in the middle of the investigation of a string of six murders that cover up a conspiracy to fix cases on the US Court of Appeals. Chinaman's Chance Reissue. Dark Eye Working for the Las Vegas PD, psychologist Susan Pulaski helps investigate the brutal murder of a young woman and gets help from the autistic son of the police chief.

Cat's Eyewitness When a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary cries tears of real blood, terrible events occur in Crozet and Harry 13 and her cats are caught up in the events which follow.

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Whisker of Evil Harry Haristeen 12 and her sleuthing pets are in for a turbulent summer when the clues to an old unsolved murder are suddenly unearthed. German secret police, and two parents with WWII secrets set out to rescue them. Sunset Express Reprint: P. Elvis Cole. Take My Breath Away Lawyer-turned-writer investigates when friend is murdered at Parliament reception; cryptic comments lead to young woman lawyer with a secret; import.

The Villa of Mysteries Detective Nic Costa 2 of Rome investigates the disappearance of a young girl in a case eerily similar to another case he is working on involving the mummified corpse of a girl. Dating is Murder While appearing on a reality show, Wollie Shelley searches for her best friend who has disappeared and lands in the middle of an FBI investigation of a drug cartel. Unlucky for Some Detective Chief Inspectors Lloyd and Hill 13 investigate a series of seemingly random killings with no motive while they cope with the complications of marriage, a live-in mother-in-law, and a 2-year-old child.

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The Society of Others A surreal fable; a young man on an aimless journey crosses a border into a world of unexplained threats and terrifying violence. Blue Murder Manchester's first woman DCI's first murder enquiry involves suspect on the run, and elderly dying man and 7-year-old as witnesses; import. Murder on the Leviathan In the 's, Erast Fandorin 2 boards a luxury liner bound for Calcutta to search for a man who murdered a British antiquarian and his household staff and stole a priceless artifact.

We'll Always Have Parrots Star of tacky tropical television show is murdered; Meg Langslow 5 must find killer to save her fiance from the slammer. Aunt Dimity and the Next of Kin Phantom Aunt Dimity 10 and Lori Shepard investigate the death of a woman at Radcliffe Infirmary who has a flat full of priceless antiques and many more secrets than they first expected. Aunt Dimity: Snowbound The blizzard of the century forces Lori Shepherd to take shelter in Ladythorne Abbey, where she and Aunt Dimity unravel the mystery of a hidden jewel her fellow guests seek.

Evil Abyss: Outlanders 32 Postapocalyptic adventure. High Country Anna Pigeon goes undercover at a Yosemite Park restaurant to investigate the disappearance of 4 young seasonal park employees. The Great Influenza Non-fiction account of the influenza epidemic of in which million people died worldwide. Death of a Bore Highlands Constable Hamish Macbeth 21 investigates the murder of a boring writer and discovers deeper meaning in the writer's stories that indicate something more sinister behind the killing.

Pride and Prescience The hero and heroine of Pride and Prejudice are embroiled in a mystery involving one of their wedding guests and only Mr. Darcy recognize the danger of sinister forces. Hate Crime Attorney Ben Kincaid defends a vicious criminal in Chicago who beat a gay man and left him to die, facing a firestorm surrounding the trial. Handsome Harry Handsome Harry meets John Dillinger in prison, and together they make headlines with daring bank robberies, until John is jailed and Harry risks all to break him out. A Very Private Gentleman To his neighbors and his girlfriend, Signoe Farfalla seems a discreet man who paints butterflies, but his real life of crime is starting to catch up with him.

Intensive Scare Unit In hospital after a heart attack, stubborn old Julia Clancy is nearly strangled to death and enlists English professor and amateur sleuth Sarah Deane 12 to solve the crime. Bloodline A drug lord goes into hiding and his enemies want access code to his Swiss bank account, kidnapping his cousin's family and threatening to kill them; PBO. In the Moon of Red Ponies Billy Bob Holland moves to Montana, the remorseless killer is freed on technicality and he and his family are menaced.

Excursion to Tindari Inspector Montalbano 5 investigates two seemingly unrelated crimes and stumbles onto Sicily's ghastly "new age" of brutally anonymous criminality; trade PBO.

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Dead Heat After surviving a plane crash, Georgia Parish returns to Queensland to track down the saboteur of the plane and find out who he was trying to kill. Nocturnes Tales of dark suspense, incl. Charlie Parker novella; trade PBO. Peril Sara Labriola escapes a violent past by reinventing herself, but six dangerous men are on her trail and she is in deadly peril. Crofton's Fire Green Lt. Crofton escapes Little Big Horn and travels around the world, fighting in wars and rebellions from Kansas to Africa, enduring hardship and betrayal.

Dead is Forever NYC PI Phillip Becket takes on the case of a high society family member who has run up a huge gambling debt, and investigates when he winds up dead and Philip is the suspect. Garden of Beasts Berlin; captured German-American hit-man will be pardoned and given means to go legit if he poses as Olympian and kills Hitler's Rudolph Heinrich. Train In , young Train is a black golf prodigy, and despite prejudice is taken under the wing of a violent gambler; LA Times Book Prize. Medusa Inspector Zen investigates a dead body found in a military tunnel in Italy and uncovers a lethal cabal within the Ministry of Defense named Medusa.

Saboteurs Non-fiction account of the Nazi plan to invade America.

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Torpedo Juice After a long time on the run, serial killer Serge Storms decides to find a bride and on the way hooks up with an array of scoundrels, schemers, and hoodlums. Hannah Wolfe thinks differently and investigates on her own. Better Off Wed When socialite drops dead at reception, Wash. DC wedding planner must unveil killer to keep her partner out of prison; PBO.

Good Blood On an Italian vacation, forensic anthropologist Gideon Oliver and his wife 11 search for their hosts' missing only child as nearby construction workers unearth human bones. Love Overboard Reissue; "romance and comic mayhem". Burning Garbo LA ex-con paparazza Nina Zero 2 is accused of arson when the house of a star she was trying to photograph burns to the ground, and she must find the real firebug before she is found guilty.


Digging James Dean Who's digging up the bodies of America's dead celebrities? Nina Zero 3 tracks down the story while dealing with the death of her mother and the return of her dysfunctional family. Written in Blood Non-fiction account of Michael Peterson, accused of murdering his wife in a way eerily similar to the death of a girlfriend 10 years earlier; PBO. Perfect Sax Thievery, chicanery, and murder turn Hollywood event planner Madeline Bean's 6 glittering society "Jazz Ball" from triumph to disaster and set her on the lethal trail of a priceless sax and a killer.

The Geographer's Library Young CT reporter investigates suspicious death of professor and finds international trail of alchemical tools and talismans of transmutation and eternal life lost for years. Improbable A compulsive gambler plagued by epileptic seizures agrees to try an experimental drug which has side effects of strange visions of the past, present, and future. Fudge Cupcake Murder Hannah Swenson, amateur sleuth and bakery owner, investigates the murder of the sheriff in Lake Eden, MN as the deputy is accused and the killer remains on the loose.

Year of the Hyenas In ancient Egypt, Semerket, Clerk of Investigations, is called upon to investigate the murder of a minor Theban priestess, and gets more than he bargained for. Hunter descends into noir world of violence, kidnapping, corruption, and hip-hop; trade PBO.

The Serpent in the Garden In , a renowned London portrait painter accepts a commission from a wealthy family, and is suspected when a man is found murdered and an emerald necklace disappears; trade PBO. Vintage Hammett Collection of excerpts and Continental Op short stories, including material not available for 50 years.

Shakespeare's Counselor Small-town Arkansas cleaning lady Lily Bard 5 has joined a therapy group and is determined to face her past, when one of the group members is murdered and she must find the killer before he strikes again. The Havana Room A NYC real estate attorney who has lost everything in a tragic accident agrees to a shady million dollar real estate deal and is pulled into a nightmarish murder mystery. Land of Echoes Parapsychologist Cree Black 2 investigates a boy who is having nightly convulsions and tries to tell if he is possessed or if something more sinister is going on.

The Narcissist's Daughter Simple if risky affair leads from obsession through rage to a revenge plot that will transform the lives of everyone involved. The Weatherman's Daughters Two daughters of a Portland weatherman have been murdered, and John Denson and Willie Prettybird are called in to help find the killer. Blood Memory New Orleans forensic expert Cat Ferry returns home to Natchez and reopens the case of her father who was murdered years ago. The Lottery and Other Stories Collection of 24 stories.

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The Bone Woman Non-fiction account of a forensic anthropologist's search for truth in the mass graves of Rwanda, Bosnia, Croatia, and Kosovo. Frankenstein; 1st in series; PBO.

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Be Cool 6 CDs, unabridged. The Black Smith First published in When a murderer stalks the corridors of a private country hospital, head nurse Judith Onslow must pick a murderer out of a host of eccentric suspects. Before the Frost While waiting to start work at the Ystad, Sweden police station, Linda Wallander investigates the disappearance of her childhood friend, and makes rookie mistakes. Tattoo Blues Runaway rich kid discovers her prized Chinese tattoo says "with hot sauce" not golden dragon, and confrontation with tattooist results in mysterious explosion.

The Zero Game Insiders in Washington are playing a secret power game, when one of the players turns up dead and the stakes get higher. Picture Perfect Revised reprint: A desperate woman joins forces with an FBI agent in a twisted cat and mouse hunt for her kidnapped nephew.

Courting Disaster (Angie Amalfi, Book 12) Courting Disaster (Angie Amalfi, Book 12)
Courting Disaster (Angie Amalfi, Book 12) Courting Disaster (Angie Amalfi, Book 12)
Courting Disaster (Angie Amalfi, Book 12) Courting Disaster (Angie Amalfi, Book 12)
Courting Disaster (Angie Amalfi, Book 12) Courting Disaster (Angie Amalfi, Book 12)
Courting Disaster (Angie Amalfi, Book 12) Courting Disaster (Angie Amalfi, Book 12)
Courting Disaster (Angie Amalfi, Book 12) Courting Disaster (Angie Amalfi, Book 12)

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