Insomnia and Other Adult Sleep Problems

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There May Be a Medical Cause

You can read the full article — which includes pictures showing the stretches — for free here. That said, quinine is in tonic water so some people do take 6 oz of tonic water at night for cramps. If you are interested in trying this, I recommend you talk to your doctor first to see if you have any particular medical problems that predispose you to side-effects from quinine.

Many older adults are deficient in magnesium due to medications and diet. Yes, a few studies suggest magnesium can help with insomnia see here and here. However, I would recommend that an older adult check with their doctor before beginning a magnesium supplement. Magnesium to the rescue!

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I had my first foot cramp a few years ago, middle of the night, away from home. Asked my wife if she had any multiitamins as a source of magnesium, and fortunately she did. It was blessedly effective, and have taken larger doses of magnesium as needed when I first notice a cramp. Many people do swear by magnesium. That said, research has not been able to confirm it works, and a randomized trial published in was negative: Effect of Magnesium Oxide Supplementation on Nocturnal Leg Cramps: A Randomized Clinical Trial.

Our family suffers with leg cramps. The cause for all of us seems to be dehydration and balancing the electrolytes. Too much water can dehydrate as well as not enough.

Cancer Survivorship: Insomnia and Sleep Disturbance

Thanks for sharing your story. Some people do seem prone to electrolyte imbalances. They can also be caused by medications, or occasionally certain issues relating to the kidneys. If an older person reports frequent leg cramps, I often do check on their electrolytes. I used to get occasional leg cramps in bed.

What is a sleep disorder?

Supposedly potassium in bananas is good for cramps,. Generally, I think eating fresh fruits and vegetables is an excellent idea, so great if it helped with leg cramps. Some research also suggests that stretching calf muscles before bed can reduce cramps.

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If I take it full dose through the day, it will however. Aleve is the worse, but Meloxicam also started giving me Charlie horses after a while. Any ideas? Everyone is an individual and often medications cause certain specific unusual effects in a very small number of people. Good luck!

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REM sleep behavior disorder is not very common, and affects an estimated 0. For more on this condition, including risk factors, see this page from the Mayo Clinic. Since brain changes and other risk factors for this disease become more common as people age, this is a problem that mainly affects older adults. Great article! Thanks for this great overview on sleep problems.

Sleep Therapy | Insomnia Treatment | Priory Group

I have read recently that lavender essential oil can help people fall asleep. It even has shown benefit for those who have dementia. Any comments on this? Thanks again! Yes, lavender oil has been studied for insomnia and some studies suggest it can help. For oral therapy i. So I might be hesitant if one of my older patients wanted to try such an oral therapy. At my request because of the threat to memory function, my doctor phased me off Restoril and substituted prazosin. Sub-lingual melatonin puts me to sleep, prazosin keeps me asleep. What could long-term effects of this regimen be?

I also take meds for DM2 and depression. Prazosin was originally used as a blood pressure medication, because it relaxes blood vessels. It is no longer used often for blood pressure control but is used in the treatment of PTSD and apparently also helps reduce nightmares. From a geriatrics perspective, medications like prazosin can cause or worsen a drop in blood pressure when standing, and this has been associated with falls in older adults.

Our company FriendlyBeds. My father who is 61 years of age are facing problems since last 3 months. I can see some patters like : 1 He can sleep for only Hrs on every alternate day, but between the alternate days he cannot sleep at all. He was sleeping well for about hours daily. If your father was sleeping well until 3 months ago and now has developed all these problems, then I would say he certainly needs a thorough and careful medical evaluation to figure out what might be the cause of these problems.

If he has already seen a doctor, then either you need to ask that doctor more questions or otherwise request further evaluation, or you should go see a different doctor. Is he still drinking caffeine? Heya, Thank you so very much.

What causes insomnia

Really appreciate the efforts you put into your blog post. Loved the way you explained in detail. I appreciated this article because I do have sleeping problems, including sleep apnea. Thanks for the good tips. These tips are really great. Hope it gonna works for my sleeping problem. Thanks a lot for sharing such awesome ideas. Now 61 they have worsened.

Is that possible with this sort of medication? Believe me I could go on. Thank you and any information you can share with me will be put to good use. It sounds physiologically plausible for people to build up a resistance to certain medications, or for them to stop working as well. Your situation is definitely trickier than most. I hope you will be able to find some good clinicians to work with you in person, to slowly and carefully explore other options that may be available. Certain types of psychotherapies can help make pain and insomnia more manageable. Developing non-drug ways to manage anxiety and other feelings is also good for brain health. My cousin has been thinking about going to a sleep disorder clinic for a while now. She is wondering if there is anything that she could do in the meantime to lessen the symptoms. I will let her know that exercise is a great way to get in shape and slowly help with sleep.

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I had no idea that sleep apnea can cause so many serious problems. In my family, we always made fun of my dad for the funny way he snores, but I think he may have OSA. I should warn my dad that it can cause stroke and heart failure, among the other related health issues you mentioned. Maybe he should be talking to a sleep specialist about all this. Yes, if you think he might have sleep apnea, I would definitely recommend he get evaluated by a medical professional.

Sleep Problems

My mother is suffering from the same problem, washing feet with warm water before sleeping may help. According to Pubmed, weighted blankets have not been studied for insomnia in adults. A randomized study published in found that weighted blankets did not help children with autism sleep longer, or improve behavior. I complained to a former sleep doc about listing my sleep issue, including sleep apnea, as a psychiatric diagnosis, and her response was that the medical records software program gave her no choice but to designate it that way. And on other medical history forms, I have seen sleep issues listed under the psychiatric category.

It galls me big time. Sounds like an issue related to the diagnosis coding software. I would say, try to not worry about it. Clinicians generally have very little control over the administrative innards of the software they are using. A good friend of mine has been looking into the different to combat sleep apnea. She has been calling friends and family to find effective ways to do this and called me the other day.

Insomnia and Other Adult Sleep Problems Insomnia and Other Adult Sleep Problems
Insomnia and Other Adult Sleep Problems Insomnia and Other Adult Sleep Problems
Insomnia and Other Adult Sleep Problems Insomnia and Other Adult Sleep Problems
Insomnia and Other Adult Sleep Problems Insomnia and Other Adult Sleep Problems
Insomnia and Other Adult Sleep Problems Insomnia and Other Adult Sleep Problems
Insomnia and Other Adult Sleep Problems Insomnia and Other Adult Sleep Problems
Insomnia and Other Adult Sleep Problems Insomnia and Other Adult Sleep Problems
Insomnia and Other Adult Sleep Problems Insomnia and Other Adult Sleep Problems

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