The Blue Sword

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Hunted into the hills, she encounters an angel of death. This is a magical fantasy, brimming with suspense and adventure.

The Blue Sword

Read more about A Hollow in the Hills. Blood Red Road. Read more about Blood Red Road. Search the site Search term is required. The Blue Sword.

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Mark Reads 'The Blue Sword': Chapter 9

Share this page with your friends. Mathin teaches Harry to fight and ride like a Damarian warrior, preparing her for the trials. Harry becomes known as the Damalur-sol, or lady hero.

The Blue Sword

In recognition of this, Corlath gives her a blue sword named Gonturan that had belonged to the legendary Lady Aerin, the dragonslayer. At first, Harry is bemused by all the honors heaped on her, but gradually she realizes that the impending danger from the demon people of the North is growing closer and that Corlath will do nothing to protect the Homeland people of the outpost.

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She becomes torn between her old loyalty to her former people and the new found love she has for Damar. She realizes that the Homelanders will have a better chance to defend the pass into their area if they are fore-warned. After meeting with the Homelanders, Harry gains a small army of her own composed of both Damarian and Homelanders. Together they make a stand at the pass, expecting only a small part of the Northern army to come through. Instead, they discover that a major part of the army is present and that this pass was determined to be a breach in Darmarian defenses.

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  8. Harry calls on the power of kelar and falls into a trance. She climbs the mountain and calls for help. Lady Aerin answers her call and Gonturan responds by throwing off sparks of blue light that causes the mountainside to shear off and break away upon the invading army below. Harry becomes the hero of the day, the savior of Damar. Even a hero has to face the music in the end. I discovered The Blue Sword and its author Robin McKinley the year that it was first published in my local bookstore and purchased it new.

    The novel intrigued me because back in the early eighties, there were not many books that featured strong willed women who stood on their own and had adventures. I found young Harimad-sol to be identifiable and likable. It was a story that featured big cats, beautiful horses, enchanted swords and true love. What was there not to love? You will not be disappointed. Awesome review—and oh man, I loved these books so much when I was young—and they hold up to this day, just as amazing as ever!

    The Blue Sword (Damar, #1) by Robin McKinley

    Thank you for your kind words. The Blue Sword is one of my personal favorites. I could not pass up reviewing it.

    The other Damar books are great too.

    The Blue Sword The Blue Sword
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    The Blue Sword The Blue Sword

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