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East is one of nine specialised cleft services across England and Wales. As your child grows up, different members of our specialist team will become involved at different times.

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The Cleft Network offers a comprehensive multidisciplinary service for cleft lip and cleft palate at both Addenbrooke's the 'hub' of the Network and at local hospitals. Meet the cleft service staff based at Addenbrooke's hospital. East opperates on a "hub and spoke" module, where Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge is the central "hub" of the network and hospitals throughout the East of England are the "spokes".

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  7. She survived thanks to the small pool which helped her grow a garden. Her son Gehn returned to her seeking help for his sick pregnant wife Keta. Baby Atrus was born in the Cleft but Keta died at childbirth. Gehn dug a shallow grave for her at one end of garden at the bottom of the Cleft, beneath a narrow outcrop.

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    Careless in his bitterness, he defiled the plants and her precious pool by digging and cleaning himself. Near the general loation of the Cleft [3] Atrus built Tomahna.

    Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate Scheme for health professionals

    He had left some tools there, as he said in Revelation. After the destruction of Riven , debris like a Wahrk and the Temple Island telescope fell in the area near the Cleft, apparently falling tere through the Star Fissure. With the exception of Yeesha, the Cleft is abandoned, although there are signs of Ti'ana and Atrus' living there.

    Elias Zandi acquired the land around the Cleft, which in passed to his son Jeff Zandi.

    Facts about Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate | CDC

    The Cleft contains small living areas powered by the windmill next to the Cleft as well as a Journey Door. Inside the living quarters, The Explorer finds a projector with a recording of Yeesha , explaining the Journey Cloths and asking the player to find them. After finding all seven of the Journey Cloths, s he can open the Journey Door, which leads to a cavern containing the Relto linking book. After returning to the projector and inputting the correct code, another projection of Yeesha appears and she offers a linking book to The Explorer.

    Upon touching it, s he is teleported to a rainy version of The Cleft, where Yeesha is waiting.

    The Cleft The Cleft
    The Cleft The Cleft
    The Cleft The Cleft
    The Cleft The Cleft
    The Cleft The Cleft

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