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Indonesia economy
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  2. Can Indonesia Leverage a 'Golden Moment' in Its Economy?.
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At its center is a mosque, built using a grant from late Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi, and it hosts an archery range and horse riding, both pastimes regarded as favored in Islam. In , Indonesia adopted measures to make companies label whether products are halal, although the deadline was pushed from last year by as much as 7 years amid concerns from industry that the move could cause chaos and threaten supplies.

At a halal exhibition held in Jakarta last month, a foundation cream from Korean cosmetics line SOS Beauty was being offered to women in colorful headscarves. At Thamrin City, a popular storey mall in central Jakarta, Muslim fashion stalls have taken over space in areas once occupied by sellers of traditional Indonesian batik.

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A History of Missed Opportunities

By reviewing Indonesia's economic policy reform and subsequent Asian financial crisis and sub-prime loan crisis, the authors present a new economic development paradigm and explore economic strategy and policies for the new era. The book offers many timely lessons from history, as well as the real policy experiences of the authors, and guides readers in exploring economic policies under the globalized world economy.

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This book is very useful for both practitioners and researchers. Readers short of time would do well to absorb the messages of part 1.

Part 2 provides a comprehensive account of monetary and fiscal policies in Indonesia, particularly those implemented after the Asian financial crisis. Its contributions seek to clarify for readers the complexities of the Indonesian monetary and fiscal policies after independence, as well as the role of the financial system in Indonesia's development during globalisation. In part 3, Evi Nurvidya Arifin links decentralisation with changes to the heterogeneity of Indonesia's population, assessing variations in size, family planning, provincial migration, age and sex structure, ethnicity, and education.

Policy makers should note [other] authors' observation that large economic disparities still exist between Indonesia's western and eastern regions, despite decentralisation. Part 4 is perhaps the most engaging Its three chapters discuss the organisation's goal of economic integration, the relationship between governance and economic performance across the region, and the search for a shared development paradigm.

The Indonesian Economy The Indonesian Economy
The Indonesian Economy The Indonesian Economy
The Indonesian Economy The Indonesian Economy
The Indonesian Economy The Indonesian Economy
The Indonesian Economy The Indonesian Economy
The Indonesian Economy The Indonesian Economy
The Indonesian Economy The Indonesian Economy

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