Without Trace (Trevor Joseph Detective Series, Book 1)

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On a murderous collision course with this joyous yet fragile gathering, is Ben Toroa, an un One by one, her three grown-up children need h In , Star Wars burst onto our screens and quickly became the cultural phenomenon for an entire generation. Today, as audiences tremble in anticipation for each new episode in the saga, Star Wars is still a major cinematic event.

The children who watched in have today grown up to b Caffy's a tough but vulnerable young woman, feisty as they come. She works for Paula's Pots, an all-women team of decorators. When one day she sees through a window what all people in their profession dread - a dead body - the lives of the Pots are changed forever. When Laura goes to visit him, she meets several of the locals, and witnesses the sudden death of one of them. A year later, Laura and Rosemary are Alice Goddard is fleeing through a rain lashed street from her violent, bullying husband Ted and fearing for her life and that of her two-year-old daughter Daisy.

Running to the police station for help, she becomes involved in a road accident. Seriously injured, The perfect gift for any golfer who has experienced the horrors of sporting the wrong attire on course, losing his ball, or been wronged by unforgivable gamesmanship.

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He is best known for his small, round a The revolution is turning in on itself — Robespierre has met the guillotine — but still the French fight on. After completing the siege of a French fortress in Corsica, Markh She quickly secures a job helping to set up a museum at the sinister-looking Pendle House, now derelict and overgrown. While searching for artefacts in the attics at Pendle House, Jay stumbles ac Once upon a time there were six sisters. The pretty one, the musical one, the clever one, the helpful one, the young one. And then there was the Wild one. Dortchen Wild has loved Wilhelm Grimm since she was a young girl.

Under the forbidding shadow of her father and the tyranny of Number Eleven, Hope Street in Cambridge is no ordinary house. Its walls are steeped in the wisdom of past residents: Virginia Woolf, Dorothy Parker and Agatha Christie to name a few Ray Sherwood has arrived in town on tour with the Jack Donovan Orchestra and plenty of bad memories.

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But in meeting two women on the same day Ray is shaken out of his stupor. One of the women, Gail, wants his help in orchestrating her avant-garde composition Swing Arou Visit the new Ethan Gage Website The third book in this pacy historical adventure series — thrills, spills and puzzles galore! Ethan Gage wants to enjoy the fruits of victory after helping Napoleon win the Battle of Marengo.

There is no man or woman alive in the world who knows more than old Pickleherring about the late Mr Shakespeare.

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Carla hates everything her parents stand for. Old school friend and antiques dealer Bill Franklin is bemused by Harrington's death, wondering if his shady past is to blame. When a Bringing together three of Colin McInnes' finest works, this exciting omnibus explores a very different side of London life in the s than is usually portrayed. His characters are colourful and real, painting vivid pictures of areas such as Brixton and Notting Hill at this time. The sto In their affluent San Francisco high school, Flannery Culp's group, the Basic Eight, are dismissed as a pretentious clique, but to Flan they are indispensable.

She needs Kate, despite her incessant gossiping. She needs Gabriel, even though he has a barely requited crush on her. She needs V When, during a trip to the movie theatre, William glimpses an actress on the silver scre June, Since her father's stroke, Jean has been trying to run her parents' small farm almost single-handedly and is in desperate need of help. Karl, a German prisoner of war captured when the Allies invade France in , turns out to be just what she needs.

He is polite, hardworking The perfect gift for any sailor who has misinterpreted a distress signal, worn stilettos on board, abandoned ship, or experienced irreparable damage to their social status at the club. He is best known for The rusty tub that is to take them across the sea does not inspire confidence and, more worryingly, neither does the Maggie White has a problem.

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  • It's not her nightmare commute, the difficult tampon launch or the fact that her marriage is on the rocks. He's got a PR problem or, m But i Ruth Aspinall loves flying and soon becomes an accomplished pilot. When war breaks out and the Air Transport Auxiliary is formed she is anxious to join them. In America, brother and sister, Jack and Lucy Nelson, experienced pilots, make their way to England, also d The Cambridge University witches have been meeting for as long as the university has been around — over years — they meet mainly to discuss books, though they do so on the roofs of the colleges and they drink hot chocolate while up there.

    The members are limited and selecti Dedicating a monument to an eminent member of a Cambridge college should be a simple matter of course, but plans for a statue honouring Sir Percival Biggs-Brookby are far from set in stone and the committee face many obstacles to decision-making - not least among themselves. Despite alread This classic black comedy became a bestseller, praised for its succinct style and its original blend of mystery and humour, and made into a film by Alfred Hitchcock in On the outskirts of a small English town, young Arnie discovers the body of a middle-aged man in the woods.

    Three p Her skill at handling some Through horrible physical deformities which were almost impossible to describe, he spent much of his life exhibited as a fairground freak until even nineteenth-century sensibilities could take Iris grew up in Italy with her Irish mother after the death of her wealthy American father. They settled in the Vi The perfect gift for any gardener who has experienced overbearing neighbours, the pains of building a water feature, unruly indoor plants, and the battle to dig the lawnmower out from the shed.

    He is best k Six months earlier, her predecessor, Heidi Faro was brutally murdered by one of the inmates in the office she has now inherited. As Claire is As World War II breaks out, four friends consider the changes that war will mean. Only Becky's brother Will is left out of the excitement; because of a slight physical disability, he is forced New York, Three people striving to make their mark on an unforgiving city.

    Can they navigate the passions, the pitfalls and the power games as they reach for success? Cliff Nelson, a privileged New Yorker, is slumming it around Greenwich Village, enjoying the idea that he is the nex Everything you ever wanted to know about sexual oddities from around the world — and through history — can be found in this witty and engaging volume. Read about the antics of the Egyptian Pharoah who was a serial castrator his collection totaling over 13, ; about the an From the bestselling author of Out of Harm's Way, this utterly compelling novel blends fact and fiction, past and present to make for a tantalising read that both haunts and intrigues.

    At the age of three, Kit Philipson was abducted whilst on holiday with his family in Italy. He grew up adored by his adopted parents but as the woman he though was his mother lay dying she told him her terrible secret and gave him the name and address of his real family.

    Isla Novello is t Paul Nash is an accountant. Having testified against the Mob bosses for whom he has laundered money, he is placed in the Witness Relocation Program. Stripped of his identity, with a false name and a false life, Paul grows restless. Unable to settle in any one place, he drifts - from rural And then there were eight… Understandably, Lord Burford had some misgivings about hosting another house party at Alderley, his beautiful country mansion. After all, the previous two could at best be described as disastrous, since a couple of their guests were unceremoniously bump Talented eighteen-year-old dancer Bonny Burton joins the chorus at Southampton's Palace of Varieties and becomes fast friends with gifted choreographer Rob Andrews.

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    The young and trusting Mary, Queen of Scots, is sailing home to her kingdom after years in exile. The danger from her cousin, the English Qu Madeline O'Shea tells people what to do with their lives.

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    A renowned life coach, she inspires thousands of women through her thriving practice-exuding enviable confidence along with her stylish suits and sleek hair. But her confidence, just like her fashionable demeanor, is all a front. England has finally emerged from the terrors of the Great War and yet the n Deliberately unpublished to protect the names o Architect Lucien Bernard accepts a commission that will bring him huge wealth — and maybe a death sentence. He has to design a secret hidi September, Eighteen-year-old Daisy Gilbert is the star seamstress at Mrs Evans' prestigious gown shop in Southampton.

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    When a body is discovered by two lady golfers buried in the steepest bunker After years abroad, Robert, Duke of Dovedale, has returned to England to avenge the murder of his mentor. To uncover the murderer's identity, he must infiltrate the infamous, secret Hellfire Club.

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    A farmer lies dead in a barn, his son accused of his murder. A skeleton with a silver locket is unearthed in a back garden. What do they have in com She is taken to live with him in a village in industrial Lancashire, where a few days after her arrival, a num Caught up in a sea of desperate refugees, her lif In his newest case Inspector Ghote finds himself working outside of the police force, as he becomes involved in tracking the brutal killer of a lowly peon, one of the underclass in Bombay society.

    Morganville is a small town filled with unusual characters — when the sun goes down, the bad come out. In Morganville, there is an evil that lurks They spend a happy few hours together, but at the end of the afternoon, she must retu The first sweet memory. Sometimes her laughter bursts into my head or I hear her call me — my name full and round in her mouth. Frustratingly though, as with all the memories I have of Mme, her face always blurs under the p After the much-loved Calleshire business man, Derek Tridgell, seems to cry foul murder with his last breath, Detective Inspector Sloan and Detective Constable Crosby are sent to investigate.

    Clearly there has been a death, that of Mr Tridgell, but the pressing question is — have A captivating tale of intrigue, lust, power and mystery about the great King Charles VII of France and the women who inspired and loved him - women closely linked to the Knights Templar and The Priory of Sion and who played a key part in history, shaping the destiny of men Growing up in the small seaside town of Cowes, free-spirited Eveline Stanhope feels trapped by the weight of expectation from her well-to-do family.

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    Without Trace (Trevor Joseph Detective Series, Book 1) Without Trace (Trevor Joseph Detective Series, Book 1)
    Without Trace (Trevor Joseph Detective Series, Book 1) Without Trace (Trevor Joseph Detective Series, Book 1)
    Without Trace (Trevor Joseph Detective Series, Book 1) Without Trace (Trevor Joseph Detective Series, Book 1)
    Without Trace (Trevor Joseph Detective Series, Book 1) Without Trace (Trevor Joseph Detective Series, Book 1)
    Without Trace (Trevor Joseph Detective Series, Book 1) Without Trace (Trevor Joseph Detective Series, Book 1)
    Without Trace (Trevor Joseph Detective Series, Book 1) Without Trace (Trevor Joseph Detective Series, Book 1)

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